Keeping Shower Water Healthy

Everyone deserves a refreshing shower particularly in the morning and after a long day of work. Keeping the home shower water clean and healthy is, thus, crucial to prevent skin diseases. People who fail to take the precaution of this may end up suffering in the long term especially if the water is from a single source. There are many ways of ensuring the water is healthy before raining on your body. Some of them are outlined below.

How to keep the shower water healthy

Use a shower filter

gdgdfgfdgdfgdfgShower filter units can either be installed outside the house or inside. The filtration process works to remove all the impurities in the water to avoid eye, hair and overall skin problems. If one lives in a rented apartment, some small yet effective water filters are available in the market. It is crucial to these devices serviced as directed in the manual to remove the collected impurities and avoid clogging.

Use water softener shower heads

Most people live in hard water zones. Such water is not only difficult to use, but the calcium, magnesium and other minerals that make it hard can cause allergic reactions or a long term effect on the skin. Therefore, one can install a shower head with a water softening units. The market offers quite a variety of these devices to suit various needs. Take your shower water hardness test so as to be precise which one you need. They are known to reduce chlorine and the scale, thus, improving the shower experience. You can see the best softeners for shower heads on

Treat the water with chlorine and iodine

ghfdgdgdfgdgdfgdfBoth agents are known to kill most of microbial and pathogens found in water. Chlorine is used at commercial levels and is very effective. One will need to collect water in a tank and treat it from there. The tap water may be pretreated from the source if its reliable but its good to be sure. Seek a professional advice for correct use as too much of it can have an effect.

Take sample tests

Government laboratories in the water departments offer services to the public at any time. They can assess your water and give a report. Taking such measures for your shower water will prevent any unseen problem as they also offer various solutions. Most of the solutions includes treating the water in the right way and this can avoid skin problems for the whole family.

All the above points are crucial to keep in mind as skin is very delicate especially for the young ones.