Five Top Hints to Prevent Cancer

Are you interested in beating cancer? Well, cancer has become a huge problem across the globe because of the unhealthy foods consumed by most folks on a daily basis. Recent statistics show that over 12.7 million people die every year from cancer. Yes, you heard me right! If no action is taken, the figures could skyrocket by 80% come 2030. In fact, in some countries, cancer claims more lives than even HIV. The ugly truth is that many people don’t realize that they have cancer until it reaches dangerous stages and that is why its advisable to go for check up with your doctor at least twice a year. Since cancer is very dangerous as already mentioned its necessary that you avoid anything that can provoke it. The pointers as presented below will help you to prevent cancer according to specialists.


vegetablesEat Lots of Fruits and Veggies

Research reveals that colored fruits and vegetables have lots of antioxidants that prevent cancer. Besides, the antioxidants will also flush out the toxins that generate cancer in your body.


Go for Foods that Heighten the Immune System

Taking a balanced diet is among the many ways to prevent cancer as well as other life-threatening illnesses. When your immune system is not strong your possibilities of getting cancer are very high. Constant consumption of foods like turmeric, avocado, cabbage and other glutathione supportive foods will diminish your odds of getting cancer. Glutathione is known for helping to detoxify the immune system.


Stay Away from Sugary Foods

Sugar suppresses your immune system and specifically the area that weakens and kills cancer cells. When your immune system is weak, you will start seeing the symptoms of cancer, and they will be clinically visible. The consumption of high sugar foods undermines your immunity and then promotes the production of insulin-like growth factor that advances your chances of getting prostate and breast cancer.



When your body is at rest, then it easily breeds cancer. Training plays a critical role in developing and intensifying your immune system. Furthermore, it minimizes your chances of getting cancer by raising insulin level to a healthy spot. Don’t take exercise as punishment like most folks. Instead, think of it like a fun activity that can stop you from getting cancer.


chemical food experimentAvoid Dangerous Chemicals

With industries and factories mushrooming everywhere people living near them face risks every day. A large fraction of the industries and factories use hazardous chemicals for their daily activities. The chemicals are not disposed of correctly and find their way into the air, water, and streets. If you live around an industry or factory, you should shift to another environment. The key reason is that when you get in contact with the chemicals, you might get cancer.

Your health is very critical, and that is why you should go out of your way to sidestep anything that can compromise it. Cancer is no joke and is killing thousands of people every day. Keep yourself secure by sticking to the hints as mentioned above. Nobody, including you, deserve to lose their lives to cancer.