The Top Ways To Reduce High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a serious disease because it can lead to a stroke, heart disease or any cardiovascular illness. This occurs when there is clogging of blood in the arteries because of stored fat; thus, preventing smooth blood circulation to and from the heart.

There are contributory factors to high blood pressure. These include lack of exercise, obesity, high sodium and salt intake, smoking, alcohol, and drugs. Regular exercise is needed to reduce obesity. This activity may include jogging, walking or strolling, gardening, bicycling or participation in sports activities.

Sodium and salt can be minimized if mixed with cooked foods. Processed and even fast foods are rich in sodium and salt. These should be avoided to lower high blood pressure. Smoking, alcohol, and drugs should be gradually eliminated if it cannot be done abruptly.

The use of contraceptive pills can increase blood pressure levels. Smoking as well as taking alcoholic drinks too can increase high blood pressure. Try to minimize the number of sticks of cigarette per day. The limit also your alcohol intake to lower blood pressure. Prohibited drugs, as well as controlled drugs, should be avoided since they can cause hypertension.

This is how you can reduce high blood pressure

Have a regular exercisegfgfgdfghfdghfdghdfhgdf

Regular exercise is good for the heart. Regular exercise may either be aerobics, jogging, walking or strolling, bicycling and other similar activities.

Try yoga

Yoga can keep you relaxed because it involves muscles stretching. You can do different positions, but the forward bend is right to reduce stress because this position can affect your brain and the whole nervous system thus affecting the smooth circulation of blood to the brain.

Eating low fat foods

Include in your diet, foods that are low in saturated fat such as low-fat dairy products, fruits, vegetables lean proteins and whole grains.

Adding a little wine to your diet

Wines have antioxidants which are good for the arteries. This can prevent damage to this part of the human body. It is advisable to have two to three small glasses of wine intake every day.

Reduce coffee intake

A cup or two of coffee per day can reduce your high blood pressure. Or, else consult your doctor if you really would want to certain changes in your diet.

Eliminate smoking and other vices

Smoking is dangerous to your health. So too, when taking alcoholic beverages and hazardous or prohibited drugs. If you cannot remove this abruptly, then gradual change will do.

Have a weight loss if obese

The bodghfghfghfgfghgffghfghfy is equivalent to blood pressure. Thus, an increase in weight will also have an increase in blood pressure. Just have an average weight to be free from strokes, heart attacks and other diseases.


Consider all these tips if you want to live a normal, happy, and healthy life free from any sickness.